Jordan, a Preemie Warrior

Jordan was born at 26 weeks, while I was intubated from the complications of covid. I was on week 3 of being intubated. They delivered him when they ran out of options. 

He was 2.2 pounds 12” long.  The first time I met him was when he was 10 days old after my recovery. He had grade 2 brain bleeds, pneumonia and sepsis. They had him maxed out on ventilator settings. at 6 months old we decided to agree to a tracheotomy. He did amazing after that was placed! We took him home from the nicu after 268 days! He is 15 months old. 

Since being home Jordan has gone from 24/7 vent to being off during the day and he’s awaiting a sleep study to be capped off. He has learned to roll, sit, and loves his 6 brothers and sisters. His dad and I are beyond proud.

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