Dancing free

Lillian is with Jesus

We are absolutely devastated to announce that our sweet miracle girl danced her way to Heaven on June 15th. We are incredibly lost without her and are trying to navigate this new life. 

Lillian had the most kissable nose, the most gorgeous blue eyes, curls that went on for miles, and a smile that could brighten every star in space. She was an absolute warrior and smiled through every storm that she sailed through. I couldn’t think of anyone happier than our girl. She had the BEST laugh. 

Lillian changed the life of so many people and brought thousands closer to the Lord. People who have never prayed got on their knees for our girl. We know that her story is not over—she will continue making an impact on everyone who hears her story. We are so proud of her not only for being as brave as she was but for the impact she made on this earth and we cannot wait to see her again heaven side. 

Lils, mama misses you more than words could ever express. You changed me for the better and I promise I will continue to keep telling your story and spreading your love to the world. I love you more than life itself. One day closer to you! 

Please have patience with us as we jump back into working after this unexpected time. I promise I will be back in action next week, but need some time to work through some of this. 

Much love, Alivia (founder of LC) 

Laree + Co.

Officially Launched

On November 21, 2018 Laree + Co. officially launched as Lily Rose Boutique in honor of this cutie. What started as a tiny bow shop with a mission to make a difference has become so much more.

More than bows

Bummies launch

You all asked and we did it! Bummies are seriously such a cute closet staple and we had so many customers wanting bummie and bow sets. We released our first pair of made in house bummies April 25, 2019 and have kept launching clothing since!

we officially became

Laree + CO.

Yes! The big day! We rebranded and announced our name January 8th, 2020! Fun fact: Laree is actually all of our initials combined -Lillian, Alivia, Ryan, Ethan, Evan- and means "crowned with glory". What a special name!

we launched our first

complete bamboo line

Maggie is absolute perfection. Named after a sweet Trisomy 18 warrior, this print is delicate and dainty but with bursts of color just like Maggie! She is a fierce warrior and we are so honored to be able to launch our first complete collection in her honor.

Extra chromosome, extra cute!

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