About us

Welcome to Laree + Co.

Laree + Co. is so much more than a brand. LC was started in honor of my daughter, Lillian. Lils was diagnosed with Trisomy 18 at 27 weeks gestation but she has not let her diagnosis stop her. She is the most beautiful, amazing, positive, and determined person I know. To know her truly is to love her. She has inspired me to step out of my comfort zone and do something I’ve always dreamed of doing – starting my own brand! Because Trisomy 18 has impacted my life so much, part of my brand’s mission is to spread awareness by naming our items after a medically complex warrior or angel. Fun fact: Laree is actually a combination of my family's first initals. Lillian, Alivia, Ryan, Ethan, Evan. It also means "crowned with glory".

Laree + co about us - woman holding a baby
Laree + co about us - woman holding a baby

Our Warriors + Angels

From the time Lillian was born I have wanted to start a non-profit organization in her honor. Starting in January 2021, we will be changing our mission a bit! Previously, we have donated 10% to CGCH. We are proud to announce that we are in the process of launching the Laree + Co. Warrior Project, a non-profit organization committed to providing specially curated care packages for medially complex warriors, bereavement packages to parents experiencing the loss of their warrior, and more. Because it has always been our goal to impact lives more directly and in a way that allows us to support and stay in touch with these families, we will now we donating our 10% to LCWP. You can learn more here: