May of 2016, at 27 weeks gestation we discovered Lillian had an extra 18th chromosome. Our perfect warrior girl was born weighing 4lbs 12oz on August 3rd 2016. We were told that Lillian would not survive and if she did beat the odds somehow, she would only have a 5% chance of surviving until her first birthday. She loved breaking the rules and lived on earth for nearly 5 incredible years before moving to her eternal home due to septic shock secondary to a surgical error made during a routine procedure.

Lillian taught us, and continues to teach us, so many magical things about life. We have learned to count our blessings and make even the smallest moments count because they really aren't that small. She taught us that we can smile and laugh through anything that is thrown at us. And that everything deserves to be celebrated-- better yet, celebrated with cake! Lillian made our hearts fuller, our lives happier, and gave us the best outlook at life. We learned that miracles happen, and prayers are always answered even if they're not answered how we expect them to be.

It will always be the goal of our family to spread awareness and make a difference for medically complex children because of our sweet and beautiful Lillian.

When Lils came along she showed me that not only was I going to be able to care for her, all her medical needs, but I was built for it.

~ Alivia