Ezrah, a Turner Syndrome Angel

This is Ezrah Isabel, and she was born with Turner Syndrome with many heart and lung defects. We didn’t find out about her diagnosis until the 20-month anatomy sonogram.

She was born on August 5, 2019, and bloomed to heaven on January 18, 2020! We were told she wouldn’t make it, but I didn’t care. I wanted her and did all we could to keep her after birth.

She had 2 heart and lung surgeries, 5 cath labs, and an NG tube and stayed in the hospital for 2 1/2 months with me.

She is our Princess and still keeping her title, which is my only daughter. She loved watching the Discovery shows and loved her daddy over mommy. She loved any toy that lit up. Ezrah loves her bows and would wear them every day! She didn’t like hot weather and loved the water. Her favorite Disney movie is Lion King!

Ezrah means help or helper of God, and that’s why we picked her name because during the beginning of COVID-19 (not knowing what would happen), we knew she was taken from us to help with all the babies being born or blooming to heaven! She is so sweet, strong, loving, and will always be our Princess! Love you, Princess Angel!

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