To make a difference with each and every order for medically complex children like Lils.

Welcome to Laree + Co.

Laree + Co. was started as a small bow shop in 2018 in honor of my daughter, Lillian Rose. We originally launched as Lily Rose Boutique but as Lillian's brand grew we decided to re-brand and jump right in to creating high quality, inclusive clothing and put our handmade bow days behind us. We launched our first complete bamboo collection in 2021 and haven't looked back since! Lillian was born with an extra 18th chromosome—the one responsible for cuteness and sass. She was diagnosed with Trisomy 18 at 27 weeks gestation and was a fighter from the get go! I had always wanted to start my own shop but didn’t really have the courage to until Lils came along. She never let anything stop her and always has a smile on her face. Our girl battled through numerous hospital admissions, surgeries, procedures, and more but you would never had guessed it. Her giggle warms you to your toes and can make even the grouchiest soul begin to sparkle. Her eyes have something so very special in them… I can’t explain it but you would know what I meant if you could look into them. She is everything joyful, beautiful, magical, and pure in the world. In the universe. To know her truly is to love her. On June 15th 2021 my sweet Lils unexpectedly took a turn for the worst and danced into Jesus' arms. She is sleeping peacefully in our Allie collection which is something that is so special to me. I never imagined I would be running her company without her but what better way to make sure hundreds of thousands of people hear her name and continue to tell her story. Each LC collection is named after a medically complex warrior or angel because everyone's stories (no matter how short) deserve to be told just like Lillian's. When you wear or dress your little in Laree + Co. you aren't just wearing a label, you are wearing legacies of brave warriors who are still fighting or have courageously earned their wings and that is something to be so proud of! When you see our logo, I don't want you to think of a brand, but of the sweet warriors and angels behind it. In addition to spreading awareness through inclusive pieces and namesake prints, we founded the Lillian Rose Foundation on what should have been Lillian's 5th birthday just 7 weeks after she went to heaven. We are proud to announce that a portion of all sales give to the foundation so in addition to supporting our brand, you are also supporting LRF with every purchase you make. LRF creates care packages for medically complex children, angel boxes for bereaved mamas, makes donations to other non-profits, and is currently working on a new side of the foundation that will provide donations to help cover funeral and cremation expenses for medically complex babies and children who have completed their earthly missions. We have so many big plans for the months and years to come and are just blown away by the amount of love and support everyone is showing not only our brand, but Lillian and our mission. It truly means the world to see Lils so frequently mentioned and to know that because of our amazing friends we've met through Laree + Co. she will never, ever be forgotten.