Lily Rose Moccasin Size Chart & Info

Sizing Chart and Care Guide


Measure your little one’s foot from heel to big toe and take a look at the size chart below.  Be sure to measure BOTH feet as foot size can vary on each side. Add 1/4 inch to account for wiggle room. For babies with thick/chubby feet, consider adding 1/2” to make room for the extra thickness.





Spot your moccasins using a rag and warm water then let them air dry and store in the dust bag that came with your shoes! Cleaning them in the washing machine or putting them in the dryer is NOT recommended. DO NOT USE BABY WIPES OR SOAP!



Leather on the feet get scuffs and scrapes. Does this mean that it's not real leather? Absolutely not! My shoes are all made of high quality genuine Italian leather. Scuffs, scrapes, and toe wear marks will happen, especially with babes that are crawling and walking!