To Lillian

To Lillian

Lillian, when you were in my tummy we were told so many things about you. They told us you wouldn’t feel emotion, and that you would never know who we were. We were told you would never be happy or smile. They said you would be a burden to our family and that your big brother would never have a relationship with you. They told us that you would be scary looking—that you wouldn’t look anything like a “normal” baby. But the worst thing they told us was that you would never be able to love us.

I’m so happy to say that they were wrong. About everything. You are the happiest baby, excuse me, toddler that I have ever met. You smile, and dance, and wiggle. You know exactly who your mommy, daddy, grandma, grandpa, and brothers are. You are most definitely not a burden. You’ve taught us to slow down and enjoy the small stuff. You are THE most beautiful little girl that your daddy and I have ever laid eyes on. I say all the time that you can’t get anymore beautiful, yet every morning when I wake up and see you I realize that you’re even more beautiful than when I fell asleep. You love so fiercely. When you look at us, we just know that you are so full of love. Everything about you is perfect. Those doctors were wrong, oh how they were wrong. And I am so thankful we listened to God instead of them to choose your future.

I love you with my whole heart, sweet girl.

Xoxo, mommy.

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