Searching for You

Searching for You

Lils, you have been in heaven for a little over 9 months now and it gets harder each day. I wish you could tell me what it's like up there! Your brothers and I are always talking about how you're spending your days.

We are constantly searching for you, sweet girl. We look for you in the sunrise and sunset. We see you in the birds, butterflies, and moths. We feel you when a gentle breeze blows over us. And we smell you every time we get a whiff of lilies and roses. You have sent us so many special signs that only you would send since you left and we are so thankful for them. Keep them coming--they help us know you are close! 

I hope you know that you are in everything we do. You will always be such a special and important part of our family. You have changed so many lives and continue to do so. You are so very loved by so many people and all of us are ready to see you again! 

Keep waiting for us, Lillian. We will be there before you know it. 

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