Warrior 2020 Adult Tee | Full List of Names on Back


This special tee is for all you warriors out there! We are here for you.

This tee shirt represents hospital stays, sleepless nights, IV and feeding pumps beeping, surgeries, endless therapy, ventilator alarms, trach changes, PICC lines and chemo, countless tests, and what seems like never ending appointment lists. 

It represents fighting, tears, anger, happiness, bitterness, bad news, great news, overcoming, set backs, and so much LOVE. 

This tee shirt represents warriors. All warriors. Angels. Those still fighting. And those who are going to be fighting these same battles. 

 *Tees are unisex fit with a crew neck 

 Care Instructions:

• Wash garment inside out on a delicate/gentle wash setting.

•Delicate or tumble dry on low. 


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