Thankful Threads Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital 2021 Tee Blue


We are so excited to partner with CGCH again this year to create another round of Thankful Threads tee! Each tee purchased gives back to Glennon. To read about the tee winner, keep scrolling! 

Laree + Co. tees are printed using top of the line printing software to produce stunning graphics! 

  • Printed on UNISEX tees. 
  • Crew neck, short sleeve.

Color may vary from screen to screen and in person due to different lighting.

*Follow care instructions included in order.

Meet Mia: 

15-year-old Mia Poe is honored to be a Thankful Threads winner. Her appreciation for Cardinal Glennon began in 2019 when she stepped into Dr. Sivashanmugam Raju’s orthopedic clinic expecting to be assigned physical therapy for a sore knee. Little did she know that she would embark on a 3-year journey with Dr. Raju, Jean, Holly, Samantha and the rest of the orthopedic team. Both of her femurs would need to be rotated. In May of 2019, Mia had her left femur rotated. Mia’s mom, Dawn, states, “It was very painful and she was new to having major surgery. But the staff was unbelievably caring and Mia thought the food in the cafeteria was amazing.”  After months of rehab and clearance from Dr. Raju, Mia returned to the pool that summer and competed with one straight leg and one that still needed surgery. Finally, in the summer of 2020, Mia’s right leg was rotated. After numerous appointments, 2 more surgeries and a final release from Dr. Raju, Mia returned to the O’Fallon Seahawks and Highland Splash swim teams and became a lifeguard for the Highland Community Pool - with two straight legs and no hardware.

 “Words cannot express the gratitude that Mia and our whole family feel for Cardinal Glennon and Dr. Raju,“ states Dawn. Mia agrees, “Every medal or ribbon that I win, every step I climb at Triad High School, every life that I guard at the pool - all of that is only because of Dr. Raju and his outstanding team of caring people who have always put my best interests and the best interests of many other children before their own." “They were patient when she had a meltdown after her first surgery. They were understanding when she cried each time her second surgery was canceled due to COVID, and they rejoiced with her this past August when the 4th and final surgery was finished,” states Dawn. Furthermore, Dawn admits “Mia still schedules all of her appointments around when she can eat in the cafeteria! She feels like some of the best chefs in the world work there.”

 Mia enjoys all forms of art - chalk art, painting, drawing, digital art and sculpting. In her free time, she watches and makes Tik Toks with her dogs, Bunnie and Gideon.


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