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“Amiyah Noelle Boyce was born April 26, 2019. Shala, Amiyah's mother, was denied prenatal care after her amniocentesis results came back showing Trisomy 18. She found a maternal fetal clinic at Lebonheur Children's Hospital and was seen one time prior to going into labor with Amiyah. Amiyah was born successfully and was considered full code. She went to Lebohneur and was told she would receive heart repair as soon as she reached 5 kgs. Once Amiyah met the milestones they gave her more and continued giving higher and higher milestones until she finally developed pulmonary hypertension. Then they denied heart repair and prepared her for release. Amiyah said good bye to the hospital on May 14, 2020 and went home to be with her family! Amiyah is the youngest child of 11! Amiyah was met with all of her siblings and she has experienced so much love since being home. 

On June 18, 2020 Amiyah was in transport back into the hospital with some complications with her gtube. During transport an emt removed her oxygen for too long and put her into a pulmonary hypertension crisis which increased her time in the hospital. Amiyah overcame with strength, as always, and by July she was feeling much better. Just as she was getting ready for discharge they ran some tests and spotted hepatoblastoma. St. Jude and Lebonheur in collaboration refused to offer care and gave her 2 to 4 months live. 
Please pray for Amiyah and her family and show your support by getting one of her t-shirts created by her mother and godmother.
Be strong and courageous is the perfect way to describe our incredibly strong girl, Amiyah and her courageous mom Shala. A pure example of love, strength and courage with an unending faith. #Amiyahstrong”
Written by Brittany Berretta Jackson

Laree + Co. tees are printed using top of the line techniques. We only use high quality unisex tees and top notch inks resulting in superior t-shirts. Please follow care instructions included in your order to keep your tee in tip top shape. 

NOTE: Due to COVID-19, some tee colors are unavailable in certain sizes. Should your size be unavailable, we will sub the tee with the closest color we can get. Sorry for any inconvenience!

Our TAT currently varies from 24hrs to 2 weeks. Thank you for your patience. 



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