Let's make something amazing

Welcome to our tee fundraising page!! I hope we can help you create the perfect fundraiser campaign for your cause. We absolutely love working with you all on these amazing fundraisers and I cannot wait to see the gorgeous shirts we can come up with for you. With our top of the linetee shirt printing technology, the sky is the limit.

With so many tee fundraising companies out there, why choose Laree + Co.? 

♡ You get to work one on one with a real person through the entire process. 

♡ We design your graphics for you! Just tell us what you’re thinking and we will work with you to get the perfect design. What’s better than professionally designed graphics for free? 

♡ All tees are printed on the buttery soft Bella + Canvas tees. Our customers rave over our quality! THEY AREN’T SCREEN PRINTED.

♡ We use top of the line printing technology to produce the tees of your dreams. Watercolor, gradients, floral, portaits—you name it, we can print it. 

♡ No MOQ. Unlike most tee fundraising sites, we don’t have a MOQ thanks to the fact that we don’t screen print! We are a small shop and all of our tees are printed right here in the US. 

♡ You don’t have to do any work other than promoting! We do the design work, printing, and shipping. All you do is sit back and make money!

♡ Made by a medical/bereaved mama! We can relate to your journey because we have been there! We look forward to getting to help you out with this! 

So what are you waiting for? Contact us using the form below and tell us a bit about what you have in mind!

Let's talk taxes


By law, it is your responsibility to report any income you generate and pay all applicable taxes. Everyone’s tax situation is different, and although we’re great at making amazing shirts, we’re not so great with offering tax guidance. Please consult your attorney or tax advisor for more detailed information.

If you are paid by check from Laree + Co.:

Individuals who set up a fundraiser and earn more than $600 through a Laree + Co. Fundraiser in one calendar year and do not identify as a 501(c)3 non profit organization, will receive a 1099 form issued by Bonfire. One copy of the completed form will be sent to the IRS while the other is sent to the seller.


If you are paid by Paypal:

All individuals who set up a Campaign and earn more than $600 though Laree + Co. Fundraisers in one calendar year will receive any relevant 1099 form information via PayPal. However, PayPal will only issue a 1099 if you receive over $20,000 in gross payment volume OR over 200 separate payments on the PayPal account in one calendar year.


Corporations, nonprofits, and non-US individuals are solely responsible for reporting any income earned though Laree + Co. Fundraisers.